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Parks Inner Child Therapy (PICT)

What is PICT?

PICT is a form of therapy specifically designed to help individuals resolve the effects of childhood trauma.

I practice PICT exclusively with adults (age 18 and over).

For more information on PICT please see:

What happens in a PICT session?

Following a PICT assessment, we work through a number of sequential steps including creating a memory and problem list, envisaging how you would like to be after your problems are resolved, learning about how beliefs shape our reality and undergoing guided visualisations to help change unhelpful core beliefs.

These steps lead to the Trauma Resolution Experiences (TREs) where we give your inner child lots of helpful information and allow her / him to have nurturing experiences to replace traumatic memories.

Following and interspersing the TREs, we work on specific issues depending on what is relevant to you e.g. anger, bereavement, flashbacks, phobias, regrets, unhelpful habits.

Towards the end of the process we use two closing tools that allow you to access your inner resources and consolidate your new, helpful experiences.

At the end I offer some MOT sessions spaced at monthly intervals to check in with you about your progress.

How long does it take?

PICT is a whole model approach; therefore it is important to be committed to completing the steps for it to be fully effective. The model includes mandatory steps and also specific tools tailored to your individual needs.

If there are no complications PICT usually needs 21-24 hours of therapy to complete. We can usually make an assessment in our first couple of sessions together as to whether there are likely to be complications that could make the process longer.

PICT sessions are best held weekly (in 60 or 90 minute sessions) but are available fortnightly where necessary and possible (in 90 minute sessions only). There are also a small number of longer sessions required.

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